My final night before Huaraz and the start of the Cordillera Blanca

8.30 in the morning, four drunk guys with knives cutting up their slaughtered cow

Taking in some singletrack

Don't look down!

A common site in the lower valleys

The frist day of off-road riding

My First view of the Huayhuash mountains

Sometimes you just need to sit and take in the landscape

the first real taste of the high Andean mountains

Up, up and more up

The rewards of the daily mountain passes were the views from the top

I've never been a very good mountain biker!

Sleeping above the clouds

Heading down for another fantastic 1,500m descent

I'm not a very organised camper!

throught my journey through the central Andes I was itching to have be more of a rock climber, some spectacular unclimbed rock walls,

Mud, mud and more mud!

Camping at 4,000m in the Cordillera Salkantay

A muddy mountain pass!

Camping at 4,700m and enjoying my first views of the Cordillera Huayhuash

Looking a little bit wearied pushing my bike for kilometre after kilometre of deep and sticky mountain mud

Waiting for the storm to hit...

Found myself some company in Huaraz, 3 months of fun lies ahead!

Some tracks just have to be followed

A local gave me a taster of my first peruvian 'Cuy al Horno' - fried guinea pig!

The last rays of sunlight catching the mountains in the distance

An impromptu meet up with two fellow Durham geographers, Mike Yorke and Matt Henderson, in Cusco.