Golden sunrise light in the Argentinian Lake District

Human or Hobbit?

The roads were getting steeper....

Camping on glacier Exploradores

Bivvying atop volcan Quetrapillan

The team with Volcan Lanin in the background

Finding some shelter for the night from the southern Patagonian winds

Catching the sunrise on Mt Fitzroy

Trekking through Los Glaciares national Park, Argentina

Sunset on New Year's Eve at El Chalten

Sam riding into the woods

Two and a hlaf months of beard growth....

Sunrise over Volcan lanin

Jam's 'Last FM' profile

A lone Vicuna in the Torres del Paine national park

The six-man team outside our not so 'abandoned' hut

A quick feet dip

Boys will be boys

The original four

The six of us on the Careterra Austral

Approaching Cerro Torre

Camping in front of Mt. Fitzroy

Atop volcan Quetrapillan after a cold night's bivvy

End of a hellishly windy first week

Sunset on the Magellan Straits

Morning silhouettes

Each night the clear skies revealed a Milky Way suprise

Playing football against the Chilean border guards whilst waiting for the ferry to take us across Lago O'Higgins to the base of the Careterra Austral

The Mighty Torres del Paine 

Volcan Lanin with a Monkey Puzzle tree

Me and the bike

The final night camping as a four

Sunrise after a lakeside bivvy in San Carlos de Bariloche

Jam capturing the orange glow of the setting sun in Chile

Cerro Torre

First night camping by the Beagle channel, Tierra del Fuego

A very good cap indeed

robbie looking a little wilder after two and a hlaf months on the road

Bryce cycling through the forest of southern Chile

Our own little kitchen for the evening

Morning blues over volcan Lanin

The dirt roads got dustier and dustier

Exploring some 4x4 tracks

The four man team at torres del paine